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dr. pamela fleming
m.b.a, d.c., board certified naturopathic endocrinologist

about dr. fleming
Dr. Fleming has been a respected member of the chiropractic and holistic healthcare communiity for over 20 years. During her lengthy practice, she has catered to thousands of patients in Nevada.
Dr. Fleming maintains one of the few practices in the United States that focuses on naturopathic endocrinology, holistically caring for overall personal well-being, as well as musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Patients are able to receive both excellent routine chiropractic care and full natural health assessments that address special needs and concerns for the whole body.
caring + professional
Under Dr. Fleming's care, you will enjoy excellent chiropractic and holistic treatment, as well as a professional and clean atmosphere. At Dr. Fleming's office, you are made to feel comfortable and secure.
real science
Dr. Fleming focuses on clinically proven holistic techniques and her own top-notch training to bring you the best care and the best results for your body.
wallet safety 101
Dr. Fleming not only believes in giving her patients the finest care, but also allowing for their affordability.

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